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OCTOBER 22-23, 2021, 12-8 P.M.

It is time for We the People to act, to help save the country we love!
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Join other true conservatives and world-renowned speakers to learn how to take back your liberty in your community, city, and state.

We must fight the good fight, the smart fight, and the right fight against the socialist, communist, Marxist ideologies that now permeate our government, our schools, and the mainstream media.

The time for action is now! We invite you to be enlightened, energized, and empowered at the inaugural WeCANact Liberty Conference! Thousands of people will attend this large conference. Come join us!



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WeCANact Liberty Conference

Oct. 22, 2021


Utah Bitcoin Summit

Oct. 1st, 2021


Decentralized Freedom Summit

Sep. 1st, 2021


Decentralized Digital World

Jun. 19th, 2021

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